L-band Lower Wind Atmospheric Profile

LAWP NARL has developed a 1280 MHz wind profiler for lower atmospheric research applications. Power-aperture product of the system is about 1.7x104 Wm2. The antenna array consists of 256 microstrip patch antenna elements arranged in a 16x16 square matrix. Each element is fed by a dedicated 12-watt transmit-receive module (TRM). A passive two-dimensional 16x16 Butler beam-forming network is designed to form multiple beams in the two-dimensional angular space. The TRMs are connected to the 256 output ports of the Butler matrix. Beam width is about 4.6o and the side lobe level (SLL) is about 16.5 dB. The radar works with Doppler beam swinging technique. This wind profiler will be operated in five modes: i) lower range wind profiling ii) higher range wind profiling, iii) low level precipitation mode, iv) High level precipitation mode, and v) three-dimensional atmospheric turbulence profiling mode. It supports observation From 450 m to 8 km in clear air condition with range resolution of 150 m. It is potential tool to carry out studies related to boundary layer dynamics , precipitation and convection etc., This newly developed LAWP by NARL is now listed in Antrix-ISRO portal for Technology Transfer.