Rain Guage Network

One of the vital assessments after the launch of any Microwave and Infrared (IR) remote sensing satellite is to validate of the derived products (ex. rainfall estimates), preferably by comparing with the products obtained by ground based instruments by considering them as reference. In this regard, to validate the rainfall parameters retrieved from Megha-Tropics mission, NARL is chosen as a super-validation site and ameso-rain gauge network extending from 78.9̊̊ E to 79.4̊ E and 13.1̊ N to 13.6̊ N, covering an area of 50×50 km2was established during 2011-12. This rain gauge network, which is centred on Gadanki, includes 36 rain gauges arranged in nearly a square grid with a spatial resolution of ~10 km. Several factors were considered while choosing the location for the rain gauge installation, like its suitability for rain measurement, safety of the instrument, accessibility to the location, coverage of BSNL network, etc. The rain gauges are of tipping bucket type having bucket volume of 0.2 mm with one minute temporal resolution. There is a provision to store the data at the site and also to transfer the data to a server located at NARL through GPRS technology.